You may not have heard of Inno, the Innovation Elf, but you have most certainly seen his movies. He’s our mischievous, disruptive, a right jolly old force for change, he’s THRIVE’s patron saint of that most elf’d up of creative endeavors: Innovation. 

Once upon a Merry Christmas long ago, Inno had a dream of destiny as elves occasionally do. You see, Santa had gotten a little older and a little slower, which meant jolly old Saint Nick was having trouble delivering all of the presents in a timely manner.

Well, dear Inno got it in his Elvish head that he would save Christmas with an innovation — a time machine, to be exact. This would allow Saint Nick to deliver his presents just in the nick of time. After tinkering and tinkering away, Inno managed to pull off a Christmas miracle. His time machine was complete. But more than that — it actually worked. One would assume his time machine was the peak of Inno’s story. However, the legend of Inno the Innovation 
Elf had only just begun.

It was 2003. Inno was cast as an elf, fittingly, in Elf. This minor role lit in him a burning passion for cinema. He realized that he could use his time-traveling innovation to insert himself into movie history. Some say he did it through magic, but now you know the truth behind how Inno managed to become the most prolific actor in Elf history rising above the Keblers & Cleveland Brownie Elf in fame. 

This winter, watch Inno’s greatest hits, including: ​​​​​​​Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Story, The Muppets: Christmas Carole, Frosty The Snowman, Christmas Vacation, Die Hard, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone,  and (never forget) Inno, the Elf who saved Christmas!
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