I am a Creative Director with over 15 years of experience divided between Thrive, Leo Burnett, Arc Worldwide, American Greetings, & Freelance working with many brands you know and love: McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, NBC, Warner Bros, GE, Mattel, Hasbro, Sports Illustrated, Secret, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie, Care Bears, Lucas Films, Nickelodeon, Kraft, Stouffers, Dunkin' Donuts, Margaritaville, Purina, MoTown Records, Ferrero Rocher, Ocean Spray, & Nikon.
Cut me open- you'll find an agile storyteller, a design minded visualizer, and nurturing leader. When managing a team I communicate clear expectations, motivate them and take responsibility when I'm wrong. I am someone who craves feedback and asks hard questions to help me continually grow. I am nimble & adapt quickly to solve a problem in stressful situations. I have an open mind, a collaborative spirit, and a love of diving deep into nature to find inspiration for creative projects. My joy in work is bringing great ideas to life because I know that strong creative drives consumer loyalty, grows business, and has the potential to change human behavior. 
In 2017 I created Heart & Hustle Brands to help women owned businesses launch with clarity and precision. I help them pinpoint their core values, challenges, drivers, optimal clients, peer industry leaders, & problem areas so I create a heart-centered brand strategy, content calendar, a photography style, copy tone, & design asset toolbox to help foster a cohesive look in retail, social media, with online partnership presence. 
I truly believe strong creative can change human behavior, spur curiosity, inspire wonder and drive people to react. In our modern world we are inundated with constant visual noise that drives us to mindlessly consume more without purpose. I set an intention daily to not add to this clutter and leave the planet better off & more beautiful than I found it. This is why I now only do work for brands that align with this & my core values: openness, courage, passion, creativity, connection.
Outside of work you can find me mentoring student designers, teaching & practicing yoga, creative journaling, cheating at words with friends, stand up paddle boarding, hiking the national parks, making kombucha, reading, listening to podcasts, watering hundreds of houseplants and spending time with my boyfriend, dog, & family.
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