Selah Farms - Brand Vision
Kimberly & Jordan started their farm in 2019 and created the logo you see on the cover of this deck. They purchased a few new fonts and started selling their meat & eggs shortly after. It worked for the time being but overall they wanted a mark that represented family's future vision. 
I personally am a customer of this farm and I met Kimberly Hartzler while on my mission to better my health & stop supporting unethical farming practices through eating pasture raised animal products that are treated humanely. I found them through They are an incredibly generous and kind family with a dream to educate their customers about the benefits of supporting regenerative agriculture over big name industrial farms. They know the importance of slowing down and enjoying family, healthy food & a purposeful life. This project brought me back to why I started freelancing: to make an impact & help small business owners thrive.
This is my artboard while working on creating logo options for Selah Farms. I start with the creating the assets, type lockups, illustrations, and shapes then from there I start playing around with options of a few specific directions.
Final Logo Chosen:
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