McDonald's Point of Purchase Hardware Innovation
The last year on the McDonald's Account I was on the Retail Innovation Team. This below was one of my favorite projects.

The Idea: The McDonald's Golden Arches function as the key inspirational motif behind the exterior of the new SEEQ stores. Beautiful minimalism permeates the interior hardware and design, further establishing our mantra of Simple, Easy, Enjoyment, Quality. Can we bring an homage of the Golden Arches into the display of our promotions?

Things to Consider: What if McDonald's took steps to eliminate POP waste? Are there environmentally responsible things we can do with this project? What if we created more supportive hardware that allows thinner material choices, which in turn creates less waste? Do we have frameless design options that give the effect of a full bleed element?
The Ask from McDonald's: Take my POP innovation sketches and bring them to life with schematics, measurement specs & CGI mock ups. 
We focused on these elements: In-Store Kiosk, Backlit Register Topper, Front Door Info Signage, Drive-Thru Window Signage, & Real Estate Sign.
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